Solar Energy Solutions

Sun has been the most inexhaustible source of energy, yet to be harnessed at its maxim. We have been undertaking all kind of Solar Energy projects of varied sizes and capacities. Systems of Hybrid type have also been completed, where not only the power, but water heating is also done in tandem. 

Many of our satisfied customers have always approached again for repeat orders and project enhancements.


Medical Equipments & Consumables

Healthcare is always under consistent upgrade, when it comes to imaging and diagnostics.  We have been providing custom built solutions for varied range  of Hospital & Research equipment to a large variety of needs. 

Consumables of variety are sourced from best possible vendors and a complete supply chain with uninterrupted flow has been successfully operating.


Telecommunication Projects and PCB

Telecommunication is the backbone of every business, project & even everyday life. We have experts in the field who have been constantly striving hard to provide you with nest possible tailor-made solution for your specific need. It can be setting up a complete network in both Hardware & Software to Maintenance based solution. We have best people in the field for your need! 

 No electronic device is without a PCB. We can provide a customized  solution for PCB. A strong team of experts has been working hard 24 X 7 to make your product a success!